Teaching Material

In conjunction with the "Human Landscapes" documentary series, the Forum of Culture and the learning portal Planet Schule (WDR) developed a comprehensive package of information and teaching materials to be used in schools and universities, which can be downloaded from the Planet Schule website free of charge (in German).

  • The teaching material addresses students' image of Turkey, examining the roots of social and political developments and exploring current contradictions and conflicts.
  • The various aspects raised in the film, such as history, religion and cultural and ethnic diversity, lay the ground for an objective debate on the "integration" and "equality" of migrants/people living in Germany of Turkish origin.
  • The biographies and the critical observations of the authors on the political situation in Turkey create an ideal framework to discuss Turkey's accession to the EU.
  • The impact of artistic freedom and freedom of expression on the development of a society is universally applicable and not only relevant to Turkey.

    The film series and extensive supplementary materials are recommended for German and politics classes for pupils aged between 12 and 18.

    In the summer semester of 2011, the University of Duisburg-Essen introduced a course on "Human Landscapes. Portraits of Six Turkish Authors" taught by Osman Okkan, aimed at students on various programs. The University of Tübingen also offers a course on the film series.

    Please feel free to write us an e-mail, if you have any questions about integrating the films into school and university curricula.