Author and director: Osman Okkan

Born in 1947 in Ankara. After finishing school in Istanbul, he studied economics and sociology in Münster. He went on to become a journalist and filmmaker, working as an editor at WDR from 1986 to 2006. He has produced numerous documentary films, initiated and collaborated on a variety of intercultural media and culture projects and is also the founder and spokesperson of the Turkish-German Forum of Culture. His films include "Poet & rebel: Nazim Hikmet" (ARTE/WDR, 1993), "Explosive thoughts - Intellectuals in Turkey" (ARTE/WDR, 1996), "Ya?ar Kemal: between poetry and politics" (ARTE/WDR, 1997), and "Banished for peace - The separation of Greece and Turkey" (ARTE/WDR, 2003, with Simone Sitte). In 2009 he produced the documentary "The killing of Hrant Dink - Armenians in Turkey" (WDR/ARTE, 2009, with Simone Sitte, awarded the Intermedia-Globe in Gold 2010).

Supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung, WDR Fernsehen, ARTE, ACT Videoproduktion. Produced by Lighthouse Film & Medien, sonamedia. Production and distribution: Turkish-German Forum of Culture.